Post-Apocalyptic Picks

Whether you call it speculative fiction, dystopian science fiction or post-apocalyptic fiction, this genre has boomed in recent years. Something about imagining the world and our place in it, after a major catastrophic event, seems to fascinate many readers. If you happen to be one of them, here are three new novels you should add to your “To-read” list.

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Nonfiction adventure writer Peter Heller’s first foray into fiction — The Dog Stars — is the story of Hig, a pilot who survives a massive pandemic that killed off 90 percent of the Earth’s population. After 9 years of fending off maurading survivors and living in relative solitude — only his dog and gun-friendly neighbour, Bangly, for company — Hig’s loneliness and desolution drives him to seek a new existence. After hearing a remote radio transmission, he emerges from his airport hanger to seek out fellow friendly survivors. This is one of the best books I have picked up in a long time. Think John Krakauer meets Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, but with a bit more tenderness. Check out the books’s awesome trailer here.

The Age of Miracles, by Karen Thompson Walker, is a coming of age story set in a not-too-distant future where scientists have announced that the earth’s rotation has begun to slow. In addition to dealing with the normal adolescent agonies of family and social dramas, 14-year-old Julia must also figure out how to live in a world with a very uncertain future.

In Shine Shine Shine, by Lydia Netzer, a family’s perfect upper-middle-class suburban world begins to crumble when husband Maxon decides to participate in a flight to Mars, where he will begin a colony of robots.  Sunny deals with her husband’s departure by becoming slightly, then rapidly, unhinged.

What are some of your favorite speculative fiction novels?

P.S. Is it just me, or do you notice a design trend for cover jackets of speculative fiction books?



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