Casting Favourite Books

Casting a movie based on a great book can be tricky. Look at the drama surrounding the casting of The Hunger Games, for example. This week, I was disappointed to learn that Tom Hanks is starring in the movie adaptation of one of my all-time favourite novels – Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell.  To make up for this, I’ve decided to cast main characters in several books I’ve read recently that I think would make great films. Here goes:

I admit it — I loved I’ve Got Your Number, by Sophie Kinsella. It’s true, I gave this ultimate chick lit romp 4 stars on Goodreads. It was just such a stellar exemplar of its genre. I would love to see Emma Stone play the adorably awkward main character, Poppy Wyatt. Chris Hemsworth has the good looking swagger and potential for cheesiness to play her unsuitable fiancé, Magnus Tavish. And Jake Gyllenhal would make the perfect Sam Roxton, a savvy but serious businessman who swoops in to save Poppy from making a huge mistake.

Wild, by Cheryl Strayed, is one of the best memoirs I’ve read since Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking. Emily Blunt has the perfect combination of strength and vulnerability, as well as the humour and depth to play Strayed, whose book chronicles her experience at age 26 of hiking the 11,000-mile Pacific Crest Trail. Alone. Without ever having backpacked before.

I think Erin Morgenstern must have had her sights set on a movie deal while writing The Night Circus, because the lush and imaginative imagery screams “FILM ME!” I vote for Harry Potter alum Emma Watson to play Celia, and the dreamy Gael Garcia Bernal to play her romantic magician competitor, Marco.

The gruff and hilarious The Sisters Brothers, by Patrick Dewitt, is simply begging for a Coen Brothers treatment. The darkly comic Western tells the story of Eli and Charlie Sisters, two brother-assassins on a journey to knock off a few men and make some dough doing it. While Ryan Gosling might be a strange choice to play Eli, I think his broody gentleness fits the character’s role as the more reluctant killer of the two. Colin Farrell would make a bawdy and ill-tempered Charlie.

I know there have been several movies featuring Ernest Hemmingway lately, but I still think The Paris Wife, by Paula McLaine, would make a beautiful and moving film. I picture James McAvoy as the very young Ernest and Bryce Dallas Howard as his slightly older and nurturing first wife, Hadley.

What do you think? Should I be a professional casting director? Or should I stick to my day job? What movies do you think should be made into films, and who should star in them?


(Images courtesy of: Emma Stone,; Emily Blunt,; Emma Watson,; Ryan Gosling,; James McAvoy,

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  1. I would actually love emma stone to play hadley in the paris wife. I think she’s more relatable.

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