Watch This… Read That: The Railway Edition

Since I don’t have a car, I end up doing quite a bit of train travel down to the states to visit friends and family. Next week, I’m taking time off from the Top Shelf to ride the Amtrak to Portland for a short holiday. There’s something so tragic and romantic about travel by rail, don’t you think?

If you’re into tragic romance… you definitely need to watch the classic 1965 film adaptation of Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago. It’s epic. It’s tragic. It’s romantic. And it features train scenes set against a vast white snowy landscape.





While you’re at it, you might also want to read another Russian classic, Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy. Even most who haven’t read this tome know it’s great tragedy involves a train. If you’ve read my Reader Profile, you know I haven’t read this one yet. It would certainly be a good one to take on the 6-hour trip to Portland!




What are you favourite tragic epics? Or favourite travel books?

— Heidi

One comment

  1. Riding the Iron Rooster: By Train Through China (1988) by Paul Theroux is one of the best train travel books ever!

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