Will the Library Survive the Digital Revolution?

Here in libraryland, we spend a lot of time contemplating what the library will look like in 20 years. Will we continue to be a major repository of print books? Or will we resemble more of a media lab, with hundreds of technology stations and a vast virtual collection of eBooks? Will the library survive the digital revolution?

My guess is that yes, of course the library will survive the digital revolution, and we will fall somewhere in between those above-mentioned models.  But it’s still a great question to ask, and one that will be discussed at length at our Community Dialogue on May 1, from 7-9pm in the Singh Room.

Join us that evening for a provocative debate about the future of libraries in the digital age, led by a dynamic panel of librarians, publishers, authors and community partners. The community dialogue is part of our ongoing strategic planning process to determine the shape of the library in the coming years.

Speakers and panelists include:

  • Darrell Mussatto, Mayor of the City of North Vancouver
  • Shervin Shahriari, Chair of the City Library Board
  • Stephen Abram, Vice President of Strtegic Partnerships and Markets, Gale Cengage Learning Librarian and Futurist
  • Jody Johnson, Project Manager for North Shore Welcoming Community Committee
  • Margaret Reynolds, Executive Director of the Association of Book Publishers of BC
  • Jacqueline van Dyk, Director of Libraries and Literacy for the Ministry of Education

For more information on the event, visit our website.

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