Watch This, Read That: The Titanic Edition

Tomorrow marks the 100-year anneversary of the Titanic’s sinking in 1912, and if you haven’t noticed, quite a few films and books are cashing in on the occasion.

The first is a little movie you may remember seeing a few years ago starring the plucky young Kate Winslet and the scrappy romantic Leo DiCaprio — Titanic. Re-released in theaters last weekend, James Cameron’s 1997 epic is now in 3-D. (You can catch it at Park & Tilford).


The second is a new four-part miniseries written by Downton Abbey scribe Julian Fellowes. Titanic, which premeired on Global TV on March 21st, has recieved mixed reviews. The Globe and Mail described it as “exemplary entertainment,” and “a high-grade nobs-and-slobs story set on a sinking ship.” But Montreal’s Gazette called it “a mixed success” as the “upstairs-downstairs class struggle is old fodder for U.K. costume dramas,” and is “not as emotionally gripping” as James Cameron’s film. Did you see it? What did you think?


For those interested in the lower decks, The Dressmaker, by Kate Alcott (2012), follows the story of a headstrong young seamstress who survives the fated voyage only to be thrust into the midst of the resulting media frenzy.



And for those interested in the “Kate Winslet ‘Roses'” of the journey,  RMS Titanic: Gilded Lives on a Fatal Voyage (2012), by Hugh Brewster, focuses on the ship’s upper echelon, providing portraits of its first-class passengers based on new research.


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