Watch This – Read That … The Feel-Good Edition

Sometimes after a full day of work, errands, exercising, cooking dinner and doing dishes, I turn to the pile of literary award winners on my book shelf and wilt a bit. Especially during the cold months, when subject matter like war, hurricanes, trauma and family dysfunction just don’t seem that appealing.  Do you ever have nights like this?

When I have nights like this, I like to turn to what some refer to as “fluff,” but what I like to refer to as “entertainment for the relaxation-challenged.”

If you are relaxation-challenged, I am giving you official Librarian Permission to watch television. Yes, television. And may I suggest this fun and entertaining show:

Happy Endings debuted mid-season last year, and has slowly built a fan-base of folks who have been craving a substitute for Friends. Set in the Midwest and centered around six endearingly wacky 20-to-30-somethings, this show always makes me laugh.  It’s guilty pleasure entertainment at its finest.

You can watch episodes for free at CityTv online here:–happy-endings, or on Wednesday nights on CityTv.

For more information on the show, read this Entertainment Weekly article.

And if you want to follow it up with some fun, light reading, try anything by Elinor Lipman, who writes humorous novels about friends, family and romance. They usually aren’t quite insubstantial enough to be deemed “chick-lit,” but always provide a quality feel-good read.

Start with The Pursuit of Alice Thrift, about a driven, but socially inept, surgical intern who is romatically and hilariously pursued by Ray Russo, a loud, flashy carnival fudge-seller.

Visit here for more information on Elinor Lipman.

Readers, what books, movies and shows do you watch to relax when you’re feeling relaxation-challenged? I need recommendations!






  1. I agree with Dan, winter reading is somehow a way back into my childhood. I’m all for graphic novels, like Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead or even The Gossip Girl series. When I’m not reading graphics, I liked to be swept up in fantasy or historical fiction. This year, Felix Palma’s The Map of Time was a perfect blend of the two genres — I highly recommend it.

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