Community Reader Profile: Anne McMullin







Name: Anne McMullin

Job Title:  President, North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Best book I have read this year:  The Book of Negroes.  Canada is a great country, with a great history, and Canadians have a great tolerance for others which is envied around the world. But sometimes we can think that our history is better than our neighbours to the South or that of other countries. Only when we acknowledge our own failings and our own intolerances, can we were be truly great. 

I will read any book by:  I don’t follow any particular author but will read all the new trade paperback novels, and love to read from the list of Booker, Giller, Pulitzer prize winning books.

Best place to curl up with a book on a rainy day: At my home in North Vancouver on the couch in front of the fire with our cat curled up by my feet, and my daughter nearby reading one of her favourite stories. 

Best place to lounge with a book in the sun: In my backyard on an Adirondack chair under the shade of the Maple tree, or under the Birch tree at our family farm near Nelson. I can look up from my book when deep in thought, and see the majestic Purcell Mountain range with Mount Loki rising dramatically from Kootenay Lake; it’s inspiring. 

A book I know I should read, but haven’t:  The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell.  My career has been in communications and public engagement, and this book looks at the phenomenon that turns a product or idea into an epidemic.  As a business people and a communications professionals, that’s what we all try to do. I’ve read all about the book but I haven’t actually read it!

A guilty pleasure favourite:  Biographies. I love to read biographies on famous people, newsmakers, and world leaders. 

The book I push on all my friends because it is soooooooo good:  Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More, by Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Mate.  It’s not a novel, but it is such an important read.  It addresses the dangers of peers replacing parents in the lives of our children, and how important it is that parents are the ones who must lead our children, instil values and help them to create a sense of self. 

Where you can find me: Twitter: @nvchamber ; Facebook:, Website:

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