Your Mother’s Story

Do you have an interesting mom? Or maybe the better question is — who doesn’t?

I have often thought about writing a collection of humorous vignettes about my mother’s quirky ways, and now I might just have the chance to do it.

North Vancouver-based Presentation House Theatre  is sponsoring an inspiring campaign called “My Mother’s Story,” in which participants record and share their mothers’ stories. The program kicks off this Saturday with a public workshop, and will culminate in a theatre production of several of the selected entries in March 2012.

Check out Presnetation House Theatre’s website for more information on the campaign and this Saturday’s event:

And speaking of moms, I have to share a book I’m currently reading about a mom. What Alice Forgot is the story of a 39-year-old wife and mother of three who gets a form of amnesia in which she can’t remember the last 10 years of her life. Essentially, she wakes up as her 29-year-old self in her 39-year-old body and life. A fast and easy, but intriguing, read.

What would the 10-year-younger “you” think of your current life?

And what are some books about mothers you have read and enjoyed?

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